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You've entrusted us to make you beautiful on the outside. It's time to trust us to make you beautiful on the inside, too.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine differs from traditional primary care because the main focus is on finding the underlying root cause of diseases and symptoms. Through a comprehensive approach of in depth testing, we can integrate traditional approaches with holistic, natural, and alternative therapies. Using this approach, we are able to view the body as a whole and can personalize a treatment care plan specific to your needs.


Functional Medicine is a Treatment plans include everything from lifestyle recommendations, supplements and vitamins, IV Therapy, herbal medicines, and even prescription medicine. Choose ENVY to rebuild your health from the inside out, schedule your appointment today. 

My Testimony

Stacy Jones, BSN, MSN, ARNP-C

Owner & Direcor of ENVY Med Spa

Hello all! My name is Stacy Jones and I want to share with you my story. I’ve been in the medical field for over 20 years, but I want to share with you all the events, paths, and life changes that let me to the type of services I offer today. When I first started my career path, I had much different plans for myself and what I wanted to do when I grew up. When I was a young child, and even later into my teenage years, I always had a passion for medicine. I often thought to myself and eventually stated to others my desire to become a surgeon. I have always been curious and amazed by the intricacies of living things and how they work, most especially the human body. My journey into medicine started near 20 years ago. I was seventeen in high school when a dear friend offered me a job in a dental office. I had no idea about dental, but knew it was in the medical field and that was enough for me. I was excited to have a job and start earning an income so I enthusiastically excepted that position. Even though I was young and naïve and at the time didn’t realize the influence and impact this job would have on my life, it was huge. Some may say that dental is nothing like the medical field, that’s not true at all! I still look back and think of experiences and things I heard spoke by the brilliant doctor I had the honor of working for back then. We were treating patients and we were making a difference and subconsciously, I was storing up knowledge and little pearls all along the way that I value in my ow practice today. Life continued and so did its changes. I got married, had my first child, and continued to work at the dentist office while taking college courses. I loved being a wife and mother (still do), so in order not to stretch myself too thin, I stayed in the dental field much longer than I anticipated, postponing my eventual medical education. During that time, I was exposed to many different specialties in dentistry, including Endodontics and Oral Surgery, which I adored. Finally I was in the area that contained surgery and I was learning so much! It reignited my spark for my love of medicine, and I knew it was time to pursue my dreams. I was all set in motion to start nursing school when surprise, my son was on the way. Through many emotions my husband and I decided we would continue school despite our growing family. It turned out once again, it was a blessing being an expectant mother throughout nursing school. It gave me this rush of emotions and sense of urgency, it was an overwhelming push to complete school and get things done because life was happening and a baby was coming. I do trust this “nesting” gave me the extra edge throughout my initial nursing education. Fast forward—through time, I finished nursing school started an amazing job in the cardiac unit of a hospital where I continued to absorb a flood of knowledge. After one year of learning how to be a nurse— because we all know that doesn’t happen in nursing school that happens in real life—I transition to the intensive care unit of the hospital. There, all my dreams came to fruition and I felt like I was really in the medical field I had longer for. It was fast paced, high adrenaline, and I was doing all the things I had dreamed of and anticipated since I was a small child. I may not have been performing the surgeries myself, but I was caring for patients before during, and after their surgeries. I was validated that I absolutely chose the right path, I loved medicine and how the human body worked and I wanted to know everything about it. I couldn’t stop there, I went back to school obtain my bachelors degree and then eventually my masters degree in nursing. I an so proud to say that I’m now board-certified in acute care as a fully autonomous nurse practitioner. After becoming board certified, I chose to stay in the hospital because medicine is my passion and some thing I love to do. All of a sudden I have a license to practice medicine, me! I realized, wait a minute, this means I can do Cosmetic Medicine, too! All of the things I’ve participated in throughout my life lead me to this junction. I though, I can learn to do this! If you know me, you know I love to learn and it seems I am somewhat addicted to education. It seems to never stop, nor should it. I started taking class after class and certification after certification, learning different steps and modalities of cosmetic medicine— including Botox, fillers, and nonsurgical facelifts—to name a few. I anticipated doing these services for myself and close friends and family, but it quickly turned into far more than I ever thought it would. I was getting more and more inquiries from those wanting my services. Once again, I was so blessed and offered a treatment suite in a salon in order to provide these cosmetic services. The sweetest person, and now a dear friend, gave me the opportunity and start up to allow me to embark on owning my own Medical Aesthetics Wellness Practice. During the first year working in Cosmetic Medicine I did continued education, taking classes and receiving certification after certification, whilst adding new services and mastering the initial services. After one year, we had outgrown our medial suite and it was time to expand. That’s when ENVY Med Spa was born. A full service Med Spa stocked full of some of the most skilled professionals in there specialties offering a full service array of medical aesthetics and cosmetics. But it didn’t stop there… Our journey into Functional Medicine starts with a little backstory. My son was suffering from migraine headaches my daughter has high functioning autism with ADD, and I myself—all of a sudden in my mid 30s—suffered from acne. Yes, I know we all have our individual problems but these became my sole purpose and drive in life. I had achieved everything I set out to achieve in nursing, but something was still missing within my own family’s care. I wanted to be the one to tackle these conditions, after all, why would I go to someone else or leave it to their knowledge and research when I had all the tools? I dove in. I spent hours and hours researching, going down rabbit holes, determining what options were out there. It led me to an understanding that there is more than just the well-known concept of Western Medicine. I was introduced to Functional Medicine: the ideal and concept that holistic and alternative modalities can be added to Western Medicine in order to not only treat someone symptoms, but to find the root cause. There is a novels worth of information on this topic, but in relation to my family, I needed to determine what was causing these problems, and how I could fix them at the source rather than using a facial cream to treat my acne or give my son headache medication, or put my daughter on medication to help her focus at school. I’d be happy to sit down and tell everyone the entire story, but for time sake, I will tell you that after trial and error and research after research and reading journal after journal of research trials, webinars, CEU, continuing education, classes, etc. we were able to determine that my sons migraines stemmed from poor diet choices. He had a sensitivity to artificial dyes! Using the process of time, we started eliminating these items from our household. For the majority of his dietary intake, we have cut out artificial dyes and he no longer has migraines that were so severe led to nausea and vomiting! Yes, sometimes he is exposed to these things because I can’t control what happens at school or other places he visits, but this alone was a huge win in my life and validation I was on the right path. After 8 years of education and 15 years total passing since I began my medical journey, I had finally done some thing that helped patient zero, my son. It was time to try and replicate a solution to my acne using this methods. I couldn’t understand how I had access to every cosmetic treatment, high end-luxury-medical grade skin care, and an office full of aestheticians taking amazing care of my skin, and I couldn’t get my own skin clear. Once adjusted to our new lifestyle changes, I performed self evaluations and personal clinical trials, cutting out different foods in my own diet, eventually determining that I had a sensitivity to dairy. Once I removed dairy intake, my acne completely cleared up! This was a huge breakthrough for me, and I have a new understanding of the gut/body relationship. Not only can I improve a patient’s outward appearance, I want to improve overall quality of life and lifestyle. I want to help each patient be the best and feel the best they possibly can. Even though I didn’t sit down one day and decide “Hey, I’m going to start Envy Med Spa and we’re going to offer the services that encompass mind, body, and spirit to achieve overall wellness” it was in my destiny. Every door has opened, and the path has been laid and now I’m on to making improvements in my daughters life, and hopefully, yours soon. I want to relay the message that my platform and medical protocols from Cosmetic to Wellness started in my own home. There is a passion for it, my passion, and because these modalities work so well in my home, I now want to offer them to everyone. My medical career has taken a complete 180 and it would be selfish of me to just sit on this information when I know I have to tools and knowledge to help other people. Whether it’s cosmetic, injectables, minimally invasive, surgical procedures, skin care, weight loss, dietary supplement, or general wellness medical care, you can expect to hundred percent of me every time, every visit.


What Makes Our Approach Different 

We are offering a personalized approach to medicine where in partnership with your provider, you have a hand in deciding which treatment plan is right for you. Patients come to us after other doctors have dismissed their symptoms, telling them there is nothing more they can do. Many find that a traditional medical approach alone leaves them unsatisfied, feeling unheard and wondering whats left to do. We are dedicated to working with you until we uncover the root cause of your ailment. We combine experience, intuition, and the latest proven testing protocols to detect any imbalances that affect your health and vitality. By shifting the traditional disease-centered focus of medical practice to a more patient-centered approach, functional medicine addresses the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms. In seeking to learn all about you, we will uncover your current health state, the biological factors effecting your health through your genetic makeup, your diet, sleep patterns, physical activity level, your mental health contributing factors and more. Our comprehensive and thorough assessment of your overall well being will guide us to make the connections needed to get you well on the way to your best mind, body, and soul.

Become A Better You

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